Our collection consists of more than one hundred issues of ARQ, thirty ARQ Docs titles and more than 80 books on architecture, landscape, and urban planning

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Our Catalog

Ediciones ARQ has a diverse catalog of titles published throughout its 40-year history. Our collection consists of more than one hundred issues of ARQ, thirty-three ARQ Docs, and more than 80 books focused on architecture and urbanism, including monographs, compendiums and essays.

You can review a comprehensive list of current titles for sale in our online store.

Please find our 2022/23 English language catalog here

  • Books

    We publish a range of carefully edited and printed titles. Our historical series include 'Palabras' (interviews and conversations with architects), 'Obras', and 'Colección para Estudiantes', which are complemented by more recent series such as 'ARQ Docs' (essays on theory and history), 'Stereografía' (compendiums of conversations and works) and 'Monografías'. Regardless of the series to which it belongs, each title is produced according to its specific content and editorial needs, aiming for a publication of the highest intellectual and material quality.

  • Journal

    ARQ is an indexed architectural journal (ISI, WoS, SciELO, Avery Index), published three times a year in English and Spanish. Each issue is thematic and includes an interview, academic articles, projects and reviews. For more information about the journal and its history go to the ARQ journal section. To consult our latest call for papers and projects or to review the submission and evaluation requirements go to Open Calls.

Institutional sales and events

Ediciones ARQ’s titles are part of the bibliography of different university programs around the world. Our publications are present in libraries specialized in architecture and urbanism as well as in those oriented to general audiences. In addition, every year we make on-site sales in different schools of architecture throughout Chile. Both our edited books and the issues of ARQ journal have become a reference source for academics, architectural offices, consulting firms, NGOs and various professionals.

If you are interested in purchasing our publications for libraries, NGOs, cultural centers and educational institutions, or if you would like to coordinate an on-site sale of Ediciones ARQ at your university or institution, please contact Cecilia Hernández at export@edicionesarq.cl

Interested in selling our books / journal?

Our books and publications are available with direct sales points in America and Europe. Part of our catalog is available through online retailer Buscalibre, and a small selection of our titles are available as print-on-demand books through Amazon

If you are interested in stocking our books in Chile or abroad, please contact Cecilia Hernandez at export@edicionesarq.cl

Looking for distribution in Chile?

Ediciones ARQ distributes books on architecture, landscape, and the built environment by other publishing houses in Chile, Latin America and Europe. Some of the publishers we distribute for include: Bifurcaciones (Chile), Ediciones Puro Chile (Chile), Escuela de Arquitectura USS (Chile), Fundación Alberto Cruz (Chile), Arquine (México), Ediciones Creativas de Occidente (México), Uqbar (España)

Throghout the year, we carry out numerous sales at over 25 Universities across Chile and at multiple national and international events. Distributed titles are also available in our online store.

If you would like us to distribute your titles, please get in touch with Lorena Lobos at comercial@edicionesarq.cl

National stockists

Región Metropolitana

Oficina Ediciones ARQ
El Comendador 1936, Piso 1
Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda
Plaza de la Ciudadania 26
Santiago, Chile.

Metales Pesados Alameda
Alameda 1869
Santiago, Chile.

Metales Pesados Centro
José Miguel de la Barra 460
Santiago, Chile.

Librería Ulises
José Victorino Lastarria 70, local 2
Santiago, Chile.

Ramón Carnicer 65
Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Librería Nueva Altamira
Las Urbinas 23, local 64
Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Librería Takk
Andrés De Fuenzalida 18
Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Librería Antártica

Alto Las Condes, Arauco Maipú, Costanera Center, Florida Center, La Dehesa, La Reina, Los Domínicos, Manatial, Ñuñoa, Parque Arauco, Patio Centro, Plaza Egaña, Plaza Oeste, Plaza Vespucio, Plaza Tobalaba, San Bernardo, San Francisco, Antofagasta, Concepción, Marina Arauco, Temuco, Trébol.

Librería Contrapunto

Alto Las Condes, Casa Costanera, Costanera Center, Drugstore, Huérfanos, La Dehesa, Parque Arauco, Plaza Egaña, Concepción, La Serena, Marina Arauco, Talcahuano.

Other regions

Golden Books
Heroes De La Concepcion 2555, Local 140-141
Iquique, Chile.

Librería Universidad de La Serena
Regidor Muñoz 352
La Serena, Chile.

Qué Leo Reñaca
Av. Vicuña Mackena 450, local 4
Viña del Mar, Chile.

Qué Leo Viña del Mar
6 Poniente 150, Local 4
Viña del Mar, Chile.

Librería Universidad
12 Febrero 114
Valparaíso, Chile.

La Sucursal
Dimalow 167
Valparaiso, Chile.

Avda. Circunvalación Oriente 1055, Local 220
Talca, Chile.

Cochrane 653
Osorno, Chile.

Librería Entrepáginas
Avda. Bulnes Km 3,5 Norte, Local 247-248
Punta Arenas, Chile.

International stockists

North and South America

Montevideo 994
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Arcadia Mediática
Calle Alcanfores 295
Miraflores, Lima, Perú

1920 Baile St
Montreal, Canada
QC H3H 2S6

Howard Karno Books
16262 Dia del Sol Road
Valley Center, CA, USA.


AA Bookshop
32 Bedford Square

C. del Maestro Ángel Llorca, 1
Madrid, Spain

Ecosphere: Librairie-bookseller
25 Rue Alfred Nobel
Champs-sur-Marne, Paris, France

Via Benedetto da Maiano, 3
Fiesole FI, Italy


Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Perú, Spain, USA

[print-on-demand titles]

Europe, USA, Asia, Australia

Ediciones ARQ
El Comendador 1936, Providencia, Santiago de Chile
Fono: +56 22 6865569 Lun-Vie 10:00 a 18:30 hrs editorial@edicionesarq.cl

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Ediciones ARQ
El Comendador 1936, Providencia, Santiago de Chile
Fono: +56 9 9995 5044 (número temporal) Lun-Vie 10:00 a 18:30 hrs editorial@edicionesarq.cl

Revista ARQ recibe el apoyo del Fondo de Publicaciones Periódicas de la Vicerrectoría de Investigación de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile a través del Fondo de Publicaciones de Revistas Científicas | © 1980-2022 Ediciones ARQ | Todos los derechos reservados ︎