Our editorial work is channeled into two lines of production: the quarterly publication of ARQ journal and the edition of a wide array of books about architecture, landscape and the city — that to date make up a catalog of over a hundred titles.

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Release: June 27th 2024, 13:30. Salón Sergio Larrain, Campus Lo Contador UC

Anales de Arquitectura UC 2023

Germán Hidalgo, Elvira Pérez (eds.) [in Spanish only]
Anales de Arquitectura UC is an annual, peer-reviewed, open access academic publication developed by the Subdirección de Investigación y Desarrollo (”Research and Development Department”) of the School of Architecture of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. In each issue, it presents a selection of articles developed by professors, research groups, undergraduate students and graduates of the different master's programs of the School of Architecture UC and the Doctorate of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies, as well as academics and graduates who are pursuing doctoral studies abroad. The objective of Anales de Arquitectura is to make public arguments and disciplinary debates on issues related to city, design, landscape, heritage, technology, sustainability, and architectural theory and history.

Contributors: Alejandro Bertrand, Daniela Cortés, Sebastián Freire, Rodrigo Gertosio, Catalina Saavedra, Elke Schlack, Sarah Aillón, Jessica Barahona, Sandra Iturriaga, Benjamín Osorio, Andrés Silva, Giorgia Amoruso + Nuria Palazzi, Claudia Arias, Eugenio Garcés, Santiago Martínez, Josephina Torrubiano, Camila Da Rocha + Claudio Vásquez, Roxane Eijkman, Cristian Lefevre, Génesis López, Pedro Alonso, Florencia De la Maza, Simón Rivano + Germán Hidalgo, Horacio Torrent, Nicolás Verdejo, José Rosas

Release: TBA

ARQ Docs Anita Berrizbeitia

Anita Berrizbeitia; Catalina Picon (ed.)

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ARQ 116 | Collectivity + Housing
(April 2024)

Stephannie Fell (ed.); several authors
Journal issue; softcover
20.6 x 27 cm | 152 pp.
Spanish / English

Housing is more than a building or a program. If we imagine it as a field, it would encompass everything from individual housing units, through spaces where various individualities overlap and intersect, to small fragments of the city. On this field, forces of diverse origins and scales unfold: personal, cultural, and social aspirations and desires; political agendas; economic resources; and urban ideals.

Articles/essays by: Ana Miljački and Cristina Gamboa, Barbara Penner, Hannah le Roux, Serafina Amoroso, Consuelo Albornoz | Projects: Social Housing project in La Florida (Luis Izquierdo); San Diego Complex (EB Arquitectos); Townhouses Lo Recabarren(Cristián Izquierdo); Apartment Building in Virrey Avilés Street (Estudio Juan Campanini - Josefina Spositio); Small Family Cohousing Projects(Consolida); Heliópolis Housing Complex (Phase 2)(Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos Asociados); Pan American and Parapan American Village Santiago 2023 (FIA Arquitectos, MOBIL Arquitectos, Unidad de Proyectos MINVU, PAUR); ReHousing (Samantha Eby, Michael Piper); Santiago,  Cooperative City (Vicente Osorio)

“If collectivity is characterized by cohesion, the paramount question confronting design appears to lie in nurturing, amplifying, and multiplying the connections between individual realms and collective aspirations. In this edition of the journal, we showcase [...] projects that exemplify the myriad forms and elements that an emphasis on collectivity can assume within architecture.”

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Stereografía | Johnston Lee
(April 2024)

Sharon Johnston, Mark Lee; Diego Grass (ed.), Rayna Razmilic (ed.), Stephannie Fell (ed.)
12 x 17 cm | 144 pp.
Spanish / English

ISBN: 978-956-6204-14-5

“We sometimes talk about our practice as a chess game where we make/do something, and somebody responds to that move. Oftentimes we’re drawing in more collaborators than we might typically need, sometimes artists, sometimes other thinkers. For us, each project is about opening new horizons and looking at the work in new ways. I feel that is why we do what we do. And situating the work in the context of a larger set of ideas, making work that can measure up to that set of ideas beyond you, is hard to do. But part of the exchange is about testing if we’re getting there... if it’s resonating.” [from Stereografía Johnston].

“[...] it is about reading the context. I’ve seen architects putting all their ideas in their first small project. They get to do a bus stop and they try putting a grandiose grid… Understanding what you’re building is, what you can address with it and how to react to the context is important. Sometimes is about being submissive to the context, sometimes there’s no reason to read any genius loci and your building will become the context of future interventions. So, knowing when to assert and when to step back is more important than being dogmatically ‘all about context.’” [from Stereografía Lee].

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