ARQ  is looking for cover designs for the next three issues of the journal (nos. 116, 117, and 118). Our aim is for these volumes, centered on collectivity, to cohesively present both the overall topic and the distinct perspectives of each issue.

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Opens: 18 December 2023
Closes: 1 March 2024, 23:59 h (Chile)



Send your inquiries to We will publish all received questions weekly in the corresponding section on this page. Questions will be accepted until February 10, 2024.

Open call for nos. 116, 117 & 118:

Competition Guidelines

We’re seeking a design proposal for the covers of the three upcoming issues of ARQ for 2024. Our aim? A design that not only embodies the overall topic threading through these volumes but also acknowledges the distinct angles each issue offers around the theme of Collectivity.

We invite professionals and enthusiasts in design or related disciplines, from Chile and abroad, to send your proposals.

The slated themes for the three issues of 2024 are:
  • ARQ 116 (April 2024)
    Collectivity + Housing 
  • ARQ 117 (August 2024)
    Collectivity + Education 
  • ARQ 118 (December 2024)
    Collectivity + New Media

The interior of each ARQ issue is printed in two Pantone inks, which vary between editions. The designated inks for the interior of issues 116, 117, and 118 are as follows:

No. 116: Black 7u + Pantone 2308u
No. 117: Black 7u + Pantone 2259u
No. 116: Black 7u + Pantone 3298u

For the covers, any of the four inks (Black 7u, Pantone 2308u, Pantone 2259u, Pantone 3298u) can be used, considering a maximum of two inks for the outer face and one for the inner face (printing will be 2/1).

Consistency in the graphical proposal will be highly appreciated, both across the set and individually. The use of typefaces is free, provided they are available in Adobe Fonts, a licensing choice used by Ediciones ARQ in its publications
The proposal should consider the design for the cover, spine, and back cover for all three magazine issues. The use of the interior covers is optional, and it won’t be a requirement for selection.

The journal’s dimensions are 20.5 x 27 cm (closed) and 42 x 27 cm (open). [See Downloads for more details]

Information to include:
  • Magazine issue number
  • Title of the issue (in English and Spanish)
  • Journal logo
  • Optional: Contents summary and/or authors (in English and Spanish)

Minimum Requirements:

The proposal must adhere to the following technical conditions:

1) Cover: Compatible with 2/1 Pantone offset printing (refer to specified colors for each issue). No flaps.

2) Usage of Adobe Fonts typefaces.

3) All submitted material must respect copyright. If third-party images are used, permissions for reproduction must be obtained. ARQ will not finance image permission fees nor be responsible for financial charges arising from the misuse of third-party images.

4) Inclusion of a signed ethics declaration [see Downloads].

5) Maintain the following fixed elements in both size and position [included in a fixed layer in the downloadable file]:

  • Magazine dimensions
  • On the cover: UC Logo
  • Back cover: Barcode with ISSN info
  • Spine: Magazine logo and issue number (top), month and year (bottom)

Submission Format

The submission should include:
  1. A high-resolution PDF file containing, on a single sheet or spread: cover, spine, and back cover for ARQ 116, 117, 118; interior covers for ARQ 116, 117, 118. [see base InDesign/Illustrator file in Downloads]
  2. A signed ethical declaration [see Downloads].
  3. In the body of the submission email:
    Full name of all author(s), email addresses, country and city of residence.

    Only the winning proposal will be asked to provide an InDesign or Illustrator package.

Submission Method: Send via email to, with the subject line “Cover Competition.” The PDF file can be attached to the email or sent as a downloadable link via WeTransfer, Dropbox, or Drive. Please ensure that the link allows open downloads.

Submission Deadline: Proposals will be accepted until March 1, 2024, at 11:59 PM (Chile, GMT-3).

For more information about the magazine, we recommend reviewing the ‘ARQ Journal’ and ‘Open Call’ sections.


We recommend using the following files as a base for the proposal: 

- Download InDesign/Illustrator base
- Download Ethics Declaration (please fill in and send along with your proposal)

Additional data: 

Competition Jury

Luis Eduardo Bresciani (Director, UC School of Architecture )
Carolina Valenzuela (Art director, Ediciones ARQ)
Stephannie Fell (Editor in Chief, Ediciones ARQ)
Lorena Lobos (Commercial Subdirector, Ediciones ARQ)
Sergio Ramírez (Designer and academic, UC School of Design)


First Place:
  • $250,000 Chilean pesos (or 250 USD for non-Chilean residents) for the winning author/team, along with the use of the three covers in both the print and digital editions of the journal for issues 116 (April 2024), 117 (August 2024), and 118 (December 2024). Additionally, two complimentary copies of each issue will be provided to the cover author(s).

Second Place:
  • A $100,000 Chilean pesos gift card for Ediciones ARQ publications.

Third Place:
  • An annual subscription to ARQ+ for the author(s).

Selection Process

After the competition closes, all submissions will undergo a preselection process based on technical criteria. All proposals meeting the technical requirements will be evaluated by the jury, determining a winning proposal as well as second and third places. The winners will be announced during the first half of March.

The contest may be declared void if submissions do not meet the technical conditions or if the jury determines that they do not reflect the interests or identity of the magazine.

Evaluation criteria

- Compatibility with the journal’s identity and target audience (architects, landscape architects, urban designers, academics, professionals, students).
- Interest and creativity of the proposal.
- Individual coherence and consistency across the three issues; they should be perceived as a set without being identical.
- Compatibility with the magazine’s interior design.
- Legibility in communicating the journal’s themes.
- Technical feasibility for printing


Submitting material for the contest means that the author(s) grant ARQ authorization to publish it as a cover, back cover, and interior covers for the corresponding edition of the magazine (both print and digital), as well as in all promotional material related to that issue (invitations, press releases, publications on, for a one-time use. Authors retain the intellectual copyrights of their work and will be credited on the first page of the magazine. ARQ reserves the right to make modifications to the winning design before printing for readability or color fidelity reasons. Any reprint in print form must be reauthorized by the author(s).

Contestant’s questions

1. Do the covers of each edition need to be only black + the specified Pantone color?

The design for the covers doesn’t need to follow the ink combination of the interior. The covers can use any of the four inks (Black 7u, Pantone 2308u, Pantone 2259u, Pantone 3298u) with a maximum of two inks for the outer face and one ink for the inner face (printing will be 2/1).
[This information has been added to the guidelines]

2. In the contest guidelines you mention inks and quantities per section, but ¿what do you mean by ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ face?

For the magazine cover design, we are requesting the delivery of the front cover, back cover, and spine (the outer face printed in 2 inks of any of those mentioned), and optionally, the inner front cover and inner back cover (the inner face printed in only 1 ink of those mentioned). That is, those sides of the cover that face page 1 and the final page inside the magazine. These can be seen in the uploaded InDesign file, where the layouts or spreads of the 3 issues are contemplated, both for their outer face and their inner face.

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