Our editorial work is channeled into two lines of production: the quarterly publication of ARQ journal and the edition of a wide array of books about architecture, landscape and the city — that to date make up a catalog of over a hundred titles.

Upcoming releases —

Launch: September 25th 2023

Hector Valdés. La instalación de la modernidad en Chile. Utopía y realidad

Pablo Altikes (ed); several authors

This choral book reconstructs the figure of Héctor Valdés from a diversity of perspectives and materials. The result of meticulous archival work, it delves into the social, political and cultural contexts of which Valdés was a witness and protagonist, specifically the historical moment when the study of classical architecture gave way to enthusiasm for the modern movement. The title addresses various aspects of his life and work: from his prolific production with the firm Bresciani Valdés Castillo Huidobro (BVCH); his commitment as president of the Colegio de Arquitectos of Chile; his public participation as vice president of CORVI; his teaching work, among others. It also brings together planimetric and photographic material that expands the existing documentation on several of his works, including the analysis of more than twenty works and the collaboration of prominent architects and academics -who situate the work of Héctor Valdés and revisit his legacy.

Release: Sep / Oct 2023

ARQ Docs Sylvia Lavin

Sylvia Lavin; Camila Reyes Alé (ed.)

This next issue of the ARQ Docs series is dedicated to Sylvia Lavin (BA, Barnard College, Columbia University; MA, Columbia University; PhD, Columbia University, 1990), Professor of History and Theory of Architecture, and Co-Director of the Program in Media and Modernity of Princeton University. In her first essay, Lavin traces a question about the cultural role of model making, examining the contemporary obsession with the model as a pedagogical tool in contrast to its historical role as a cultural object (or fragment) of the world. The second essay, on the other hand, critically reads Claude-Henri Watelet's “Essai sur les jardins” in light of the picturesque and its relationship to notions of femininity (and control of the feminine) in eighteenth-century France.

Latest bilingual titles (English & Spanish) —

ARQ 114 | Giros Infraestructurales / Infrastructural Turns
(August 2023)

Stephannie Fell (ed.); several authors
Journal issue; softcover
20.6 x 27 cm | 156 pp.
Spanish / English

Around the year 2000, a group of anthropologists coined the term “infrastructural turn” to account for a remarkable increase in attention towards infrastructure in academic studies. Drawing on the instability of its meaning, sociologist Susan Leigh Star prompted a historiographical revision of urban technological networks, focusing on aspects that were often overlooked, such as their urban symbolism or everyday forms of living with infrastructure (Star, 1999; Larkin, 2013; Gandy, 2014). Because the word infrastructure encompasses both objects and systems —that connect bodies to each other and to the spaces we inhabit— it does not settle easily in a disciplinary category.

“Through readings and projects, this issue of ARQ explores the combination of objects, spaces, people, and practices that, following AbdouMaliq Simone, allow us to understand infrastructure today as a physical system inseparable from a social one.”

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ARQ Docs | Joan Ockman
Architecture in a Mode of Distraction:
on Jacques Tati’s Playtime | An Orchid in the Land of Technology
(April 2023)

Joan Ockman
12 x 17 cm | 171 pp.
Spanish / English

ISBN: 978-956-6204-04-6

“Today, however, in a world in which distraction and attention continue their rivalry with intensifying ferocity, Playtime remains an indispensable vehicle for probing their dynamics. Through the extended analogy that Jacques Tati elaborates between architecture and cinema, the film brilliantly probes the impact of the post-urban city on the human psyche.” [from Architecture in a Mode of Distraction]

“...the artfully choreographed photographs of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen [...] are evidence that Arne Jacobsen’s building for the Scandinavian Airline System was an exquisite exemplar of late-modern architecture in its day. I am going to make the case that it was also its swan song. [...] At SAS, transparency and total design reached a late- modernist culmination. Nor do the previous descriptions adequately capture the hotel’s finely calibrated and modulated interrelationships of materialism and immateriality, rationalism and surreality, naturalism and artificiality. Liminal would be a better word.” [from An Orchid in the Land of Technology]

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